from by Illudria



I'm fading away
becoming one with the waves
washing away my humility
I closed my eyes for what seemed like seconds
millions of years in retrospect
only faint whispers of revolution
a vain attempt at reconstruction
breaking walls that spread the divide
in the land of the blind its the king with the one eye
the rest are left behind

Wondering why
wondering why
why would he leave us to die

I slowly decay
become one with the earth
from whence I came
but my mind remains
although it's stayed the same
it's just the world that's changed

Incorruptible in method
but dauntless in diversity
(Growing hunger from the diabolist)
it's all coming together
despite the signs, we will be left behind

I choose to resist
beyond the realm of a god
we will coexist
you have been lied to
you all live in a malevolent dream
don't let the lies that guide you
become your grip on reality

closed minds and empty hearts
filled with zealous thoughts
and yet you continue to march
slowly fulfilling your every need
without remorse or empathy
you say your among-st peers
then why do you all seem to live in fear
only dreamers dream the worst
some where down the line
you have been coerced

Keep it up
Never let it go
with every breath you take
you drift
I can not identify
I can not find my way
drifting eternally
into the vast
I can see the other side...


from Sentient, released February 5, 2014
Featuring Ricky Sotelo



all rights reserved


Illudria Fresno, California

Metal band from Fresno, CA

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