from by Illudria



lay your hands
at the alter of the unbound
we will reclaim this battleground
heed the words of a fallen son
this is my realm

And we arise amongst the sands of time
and we arise amongst the sands of time
all hail ra X2

In the end
you are but a speck
everything you do is for naught
I will be
the only one that's left
and my reign will end with the tide

I was born from fire
and i will let it burn until the darkness
takes it away

If you deny everything i have done
than i will fade away, till the setting sun
you've been warned
I will never be a slave
you fool

This is where life begins


from Sentient, released February 5, 2014



all rights reserved


Illudria Fresno, California

Metal band from Fresno, CA

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